Review of the smartphone Apple iPhone 4S: A long way to the ideal.

It took Apple just three days to sell 4 million iPhone 4S, setting a new world record! Finding visual differences between the new product and the iPhone 4 model is not an easy task, because the most interesting thing is hidden inside it. Let’s take a look there together!

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB.

iOS smartphone.

Display; backlit camera; availability of 64 GB version; performance.

Covers and bumpers from the old model cannot be used.


The combination of perimeter aluminum and aluminosilicate glass on the front and back is a unique feature of the last two generations of the iPhone. Glamor lovers are delighted with such a layout of materials, which cannot be said about practical users. As you all well know, any glass, be it aluminosilicate, mineral or Gorilla Glass, sooner or later becomes covered with a cobweb of scratches. Therefore, aesthetes, using the iPhone 4, try to use various kinds of transparencies, and those who are not alien to the desire to wrap all TV remotes in the house in cellophane bags use all kinds of covers and bumpers.

The benefits of the latter are not only in protecting the ends, but also in minimizing the effect of “death grip”.

Just a few millimeters and accessories from the 4 model no longer fit the iPhone 4S.

With the release of the iPhone 4S, most of the accessories can be gifted to your little sister and be ready to buy new ones. And the point is this, for the sake of eliminating the notorious effect with the antenna overlap, and, of course, in order for your favorite phone to work anywhere in the world, a fourth antenna was added to the design. Antenna due to which the previous model was produced only for the Verizon operator. Now the user gets a device capable of working in GSM, UMTS and CDMA networks!

But let’s get back to the accessories. Looking at covers and bumpers from three sides, you do not leave a feeling of discomfort, and only when you reach the fourth side, you discover its cause. The profile selector and volume buttons are out of place! How so, you ask?

That’s how! Beauty requires sacrifice – now the antennas are located symmetrically to each other, from which the upper joint was moved to the left side, moving three keys down.

For the rest, the only changes in weight and dimensions are the weight that has increased by as much as three grams. What else can you add to the description, of which there are thousands across the web? I do not like to wrap the TV remote control in a plastic bag, but the kind of “used” device that any iPhone turns into after a short period (almost every car sooner or later becomes Opel, an old joke, but its meaning is still relevant now). brings pleasure.

This nuance becomes an unsolvable problem for me. Why, you will understand after reading the review!

For readers who have not yet had time to spend money on the fourth model and, accordingly, study the location of the controls, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the next section.


As we already found out, the left side of the iPhone 4S is occupied by the round keys responsible for adjusting the volume and the mode switch from “Normal” to “Quiet”. The key travel is standard, and you can get used to working with them “blindly” in just a few minutes.

On the right side of the phone there is a slot for a micro SIM card. Access to it is possible only by using a special paper clip supplied with the phone. It takes a lot of effort to remove the SIM.

At the top there is a place for a standard audio jack, a microphone and an on / off button, which is also responsible for locking / unlocking.