Cars in Ethiopia
Cars in EthiopiaCars in Ethiopia could face huge difficulties if the authorities and the local community try to remove them.

The international community is also concerned about the possible return of many people to the camps, which the government says are considered illegal under UN human rights laws. In addition, Ethiopia’s government is still awaiting a decision from the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights who has so far refused to call people “traitors”.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said this week it was seeking the US government for an immediate, full report on the camps.
Human Rights Campaign International also accused the US of “taking advantage of the conflict”, telling CNN: “Human Rights Campaign is an organization made up of victims of forced displacement, human rights abusers and human rights advocates, who are often used to justify and justify human security violations and abuses.

“HRC needs a thorough, independent and independent review into the crimes committed to protect the lives of over 500,000 people, including thousands of children that are at risk of hunger strikes, displacement due to their families, or forced displacement in Somalia.”