Toyota Rav4 in Tanzania
Toyota Rav4 in Tanzania

Vehicle manufacturers should ensure all current production vehicles are updated to the latest models.

The company’s website also noted that the company’s “drivers have experienced the world around us, and many of them will be able to adapt to it and to take risks.”

“We are committed to improving every vehicle we develop and in turn increasing our performance within every vehicle. Volvo has many advantages over other manufacturers in the marketplace, and we are committed to making sure that we are doing our part to make it work for all drivers today on all platforms at Volvo” said Volvo CEO Anna Wintu in a statement.

Toyota Rav4 of Tanzania (Source: Volvo’s website)

The two companies will be working together this year on a number of new vehicles, including new Toyota Camry models, and further progress will be made to build them to the 2017 model year production.

Volvo said it already has a second prototype Volvo Rav4, for example, and its latest model, the R5, will be unveiled in late January in Sweden in the Netherlands.