Dell Latitude E7250 Laptops in Uganda
Dell Latitude E7250 Laptops in Uganda
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Today we take a look at the slightly more pretentious Latitude 12 E7250 from the 7000 series, which meets Dell’s highest quality standards. This small device is designed to turn the heads of big people, and it has everything you need to do this: a carbon cover, a touchscreen, additional data protection features and a rugged case that meets US Army standards.
1 | Design, features and workmanship
The body is made of high quality materials – carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and aluminum.
As befits a high-end 1400 Euro business ultrabook, the Latitude 12 E7250 is crafted with premium materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and aluminum to impress. The lid and work surface are soft-touch coated, so they are very grippy and pleasant to the touch. The touch screen is covered not just by glass or plastic, but by Gorilla Glass 3.
Dell claims the 7000 series ultrabooks meet the US Army’s stringent MIL-STD-810G ruggedness standards. It should be noted here that this standard is very extensive and includes a lot of tests from acceleration when firing to acid resistance. The manufacturer is free to choose which tests to subject its product to, so it is difficult to say in which specific area the Latitude 12 E7250 meets military standards.
In any case, the case is very durable and well made. The work surface bends slightly under pressure, but this does not interfere at all, even if you have to keep your hands on it all day. The picture on the screen is distorted only if you try to bend the display forcibly; if you press the screen from behind, it will be nothing.
The design is very strict, as befits a business man’s tool – the corners are rounded and polished, they look beautiful and pleasant to the touch. The area around the keyboard is reminiscent of the cheaper Latitude 12 E5250.
The E7250 is only 19.4mm thick and weighs just 1.25kg, but our test unit weighed 1.5kg due to the touchscreen and 4-cell battery.
The internals of the laptop are identical to its predecessor, the Dell Latitude 12 E7240. The battery is removable and occupies half of the bottom surface of the device; the other half is covered with a service hatch held by 2 screws. The user gains access to easily replaceable memory and SSD, a BIOS battery, WLAN and WWAN modules (if installed).
The Latitude 12 E7250 comes with only a compact and cute power adapter, but the manufacturer offers a lot of accessories: miniDisplayPort-VGA adapter for 30 Euros, privacy protectors for the screen for 30 Euros, an external battery for recharging any devices (including the laptop itself) Power Companion with a capacity of 12 Ah for 120 Euro, and, of course, a docking station.
The docking station is worth mentioning separately. It is called Port Replicator here, it costs 250 Euro and contains additional connectors for connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse, including a VGA connector and even an ancient mammoth, serial and PS / 2 ports, which are often used in organizations that like to completely disable USB. ports for security purposes.
Small stereo speakers are located at the bottom of the front of the laptop, they have a good headroom. The sound is good and without distortion, but the high tones are too pronounced.