Fitness mats.

Many consumers are confused about why they need to buy a fitness mat or mat. Firstly, prestigious fitness clubs always have their own sports equipment. Secondly, you can, in principle, do without it.

But it only seems so.

In fact, doing various exercises on the bare floor is quite painful. This is especially true for rolls on the back and twisting. To avoid discomfort, you can use a soft towel or blanket, but that’s not it. The size of a towel may not be enough, and it is inconvenient to carry a blanket with you. Therefore, for comfortable training in a fitness club, it is advisable to purchase high-quality sports equipment – a rug or mat for fitness.

During production, each model is thoroughly tested, so they differ in ideal characteristics (thickness, weight, softness, etc.).

Now, as to why buy a fitness mat if the club has its own sports equipment. The fact is that during the performance of various exercises, sweat is released profusely, and the rugs absorb it very well. Ask yourself if you would like to exercise on rugs or mats that are given out in the fitness club? At the very least, it is not hygienic.

Each person has their own towel, toothbrush, etc. Therefore, those people who regularly visit the fitness club should have their own personal fitness mat or mat. As noted in the reviews, such accessories are relatively inexpensive.

Moreover, you can purchase even the most budgetary option. But you will have a personal pad on which you can do fitness for your pleasure.

What are fitness mats?

In our online store there is a huge selection for fitness of various types, so before buying, it is advisable to figure out which ones you need.

Today, fitness mats are made from the following materials:

Synthetics. They are durable, lightweight, cheap and are great for beginners. With active operation, they will last about 1.5 years. The only negative is that they can slide during sweeping or active exercises.

Thermoplastic elastomer. They have a long service life compared to synthetic models – they will last about 2-3 years. They are characterized by softness and elasticity, perfectly absorb moisture and do not allow the body to slide on the surface of the mat. Rubber. They are considered the best for today in terms of price and quality.

An excellent option for those who decide to exercise regularly. Rugs made of this material are non-slip and non-electrifying. They are also very thick, so that exercises with an emphasis on the elbows and / or knees are very comfortable to perform.

The only drawback is the large weight (compared to other options).

You can also buy a roll mat. These models are about 20 mm thick and are great for gyms. From the point of view of comfort – just perfect.

Now that you know what kind of fitness mats and mats there are, you can start exploring our range and choosing the most optimal model in terms of cost and other parameters.

Looking for a huge selection of fitness mats and mats?

Then you can start studying the catalog, because we have a large assortment of these accessories in our online store. Moreover, the sale of rugs and mats for fitness is carried out online, so you can order from Kiev, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. In addition, the purchase will cost quite inexpensively, since we offer quite affordable prices for fitness items.